How to Use a Plumbing Snake?

When there’s a clog in your pipe or in your drain, you would immediately want to call or a good plumbing service. But before that, if you are tempted to cater to the emergency situation then you should be thinking what would help? Well, a plumbing snake is a useful tool that will help to remove the blockage in the pipes or in the drain. A plumbing snake is also referred as a drain auger. It is important that you use this tool correctly. If not, then you will end up creating leaks in the pipes which would worsen the situation.

How to Use a Plumbing Snake?

If you are having a household plumbing snake then here’s how you must use the same to remove the clog or an obstruction.

  1. Wear The Old Clothes and Put Some Towels Below The Pipes –

    When you are going to use the plumbing snake to remove the clog, you must first wear the old clothes. Even if those clothes get dirty, you won’t repent much.  Also, lay some old towels below the pipes where you are going to work. 
  2. Remove The P-Bend or P-Trap for Further Process –

    The P-trap is generally made out of PVC pipe or metal. You should manually remove the same. Either you can remove it with your hands or with the help of a wrench. Now, clean the P-trap pretty well. Once this is removed, the plumbing snake can easily get into the pipe for clog removal.
  3. Gently Drain The Snake Inside The Pipe –

    If you have removed the trap then you should gently put the plumbing snake inside the pipe and drain out the obstruction. But make sure that you are quite gentle with the pipes because if not then there will be scratching of the pipes which would create leaks. If you have not removed the trap then while you are snaking, you should keep the water tap on. Thus, when you are pushing the obstruction into the drain, the water flow will also help.
  4. When You Feel The Obstruction –

    When you come across the obstruction, you should start pushing it downwards and break the same gently. You should also start with the rotation movements. Do not be too fast or too slow. You will have to maintain a balance. Basically, for home owners using the plumbing snake should not be an issue. But if they feel that they need to call the professionals for the same then they can get in touch with the best Plumber Kogarah and get the work done.

How to use a plumbing snake for unclogging the pipe or the drain is not as complicated as it seems. But the only care the home owners should take is, doing this might create a few scratches within the pipes and this can be a bit risky. Hence, it is vital that when you have to remove the obstruction, you will have to stay a bit gentle. If at all you are not confident then ask a professional plumbing service to get into the picture.