How To Fix A Cistern Leak 5 Amazing Plumbing Tips

Is there a puddle of water near the toilet? One of the primary causes of that water leakage could be a leaking cistern. Now, it is vital that you repair or fix the issue as soon as possible. To better understand the problem, one needs to know what a cistern actually is. The cistern is a component of the toilet that stores water till it is flushed by the sure. It is also known as the tank and uses the flushing mechanism to wash away human waste. In some models, the cistern is located way above the toilet and is connected via pipes. However, in some cases, it is situated directly above the toilet bowl. Knowing how to fix a cistern leak is of paramount importance.

Top Five Plumbing Tips to Fix a Cistern Leak

There are various tips that you can follow to repair the leaking cistern. However, to help you out, we have made a list of the top five pointers that can help you in understanding how to fix a cistern leak.

Keep the working area dry

Firstly, you must check out the working area. In order to work properly, the place must be clean and dry. Make sure that you have a bucket nearby to store water (if any come out from any of the components). Now, keep in mind that you must switch off the isolation valve. If you forget this and start working, you will have a flood on your hands. After that, flush the toilet and disconnect the supply lines. It is vital that the internal area of the toilet is dry before you start any work. Keep this in mind in how to fix a cistern leak.

Install a new fill valve

A broken fill valve can often lead to a leaky cistern. In that case, the best solution is to simply replace them. You can use the adjustable wrench to remove the old ones. However, it is vital that you purchase a similar model to avoid fitting issues. Installing the new one is easy and doesn’t require much effort. Now, check to see if the leak is still present. If it is, you will need to look out for other causes.

Take out the toilet cistern

If replacing the fill valve doesn’t solve the leak issue, then you must change the spud washer. In order to install a new one, you must take out the tank and put it somewhere else safely. Be careful so as to avoid scratches on the porcelain. It is a vital step in how to fix a cistern leak.

Install a new spud washer

One of the causes of a leaking cistern is a broken spud washer. That is why you must replace the old washer with a new one. Make sure that you buy the correct size to ensure proper fitting. You will have to install the new spud washer above the ending of the flush valve. After that, reassemble the components and check if the leak is still there.

Replace the toilet gaskets

In some cases, worn-out bolts can also cause leakage of the toilet cistern. Simply cleaning and tightening the bolts can resolve the issue. However, if that doesn’t work, you might need to replace the bolts. In order to clean the bolts, you can use white vinegar. After that, take a small wire brush and clean the bolts from dirt and debris. But, if the bolts are too damaged, you must install new ones.

Having Issues With the Toilet? Attain Expert Help Now!

There are different reasons that can lead to a leaking toilet cistern repair. It can be due to a broken spud washer or it can be due to a damaged flush valve. Irrespective of the cause, it is vital to fix it quickly. If you know how to fix a cistern leak, you can attempt to repair it yourself. But, if you are not too sure or lack the necessary tools, you must contact the experts.

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