How High Water Pressure Can Damage Your Home’s Plumbing System

The drainage system in a house is often overlooked and if it gets damaged it could give more headaches than your child. There are many reasons why your pipes can get damaged and one of them could be the high pressure of water into the pipes. We often get special machines attached to increase the pressure of water in our taps but this water pressure can even damage your pipes.

High Water Pressure Damage Service
High Water Pressure Damage Service

How Your Pipes Get Damaged

When water with higher pounds per square inch (psi) flows through your pipes it can erode the metal over time and can decrease the life of the whole drainage system. In normal households the number is at 80-psi, when increased pressure most could go 100-110-psi, sometimes people push the meter even more till 150-160 psi which can be hazardous. The pipes can blow if water will run through them at such pressure.

Higher water pressure will put pressure on the pipes and apart from shortening its life, also exposes your system to leakage and cracks can occur.

Identifying The Problem

Knowing if there is any problem at all in your drainage system, and if there is, learning about it and getting it fixed as early as possible is what will prevent your house from leakages.

The sewer problems can be identified easily, many times we ignore the small leakages every once in a while and fix them temporarily, this could be the most ignorant thing we can do to our pipes, identifying the problem and not ignoring it is of utmost importance.

The constant dripping of water, if leakages are faced every once in a while or a constant running toilet are the signs of a drainage system problem and should be addressed asap.

How Not to Get Your Pipes Damaged

Damaged pipes are a burden, and your chores may set back because of the continuous leakage in your house. Once a drainage system gets damaged more often than not it becomes necessary to take the help of a Plumber Kogarah expert which will also put financial burdens. So preventing the damage is always a better idea as it’s said, “precaution is better than cure”, following this would make a great difference.

  • Keeping the water pressure between 80psi to 100psi is advisable.
  • Regular cleaning of your drainage system, of your pipes, faucets and sinks is necessary.
  • Getting good quality pipes and faucets from the start can also prevent many headaches.

It’s always better to take preventive measures when it comes to your drainage system, in a society, the water pressure is set up by the municipality supplier for the whole society. This pressure is decided on the basis that the water could reach all kinds of households i.e. the high storey buildings, complexes and other areas that require high water pressure.

In these cases making sure that the pressure is non-harmful is important, this can be done by using the pressure controlling gadgets present in the market.

The Water Wastage

When water flows through your pipes with high pressure, it reaches you fast and there can be a lot of water wastage even while washing hands or taking a shower, etc. And with the water crisis nearby and rising water costs which are the “added costs” due to this wastage can get heavy on your pockets. So, keeping the pressure levels in mind (between 80psi to 100psi) and getting your sewage cleaned and checked by a plumbing expert are the only easy tricks to prevent yourself from facing the bigger issues that can occur.